update for this september 2016

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on what’s been going on this month.

On the 1st of this month, I was out in Palencia, Spain with the Myles Sanko band. It was a great show with a not-so-great rental bass with a Powerpuff Girl’s sticker on it, which went hilariously well with my suit (not knocking it, it’s a great cartoon). The band sounded great and Myles was on top form, and we got to eat the best food I’ve ever had in Spain (ESPECIALLY as a veggie).



Then last week I was away in Spain again with Myles, playing in Vic near Barcelona on the 15th and in Alcudia on the island of Mallorca on the 17th. Vic is beautiful, and the Catalans are always awesome to play in front of. We got a day off in Mallorca which we spent drinking and eating good food. I had a chance to take a 5am stroll down the beach on the morning of our show, when none of the tourists are out.



Aside from that on the gigging front, I’ve been busy playing private functions with the Soulshine band in different parts of the UK. For all those up and coming musicians, a little advice. Never knock functions – we all do them, they pay great and will keep you earning when you’re not on the road!



I’ve began writing for a new band, so watch this space…



From next month until December, I’ll be on the road with Myles Sanko. First stop the Blue Note in Milan! Let me know if you’re coming to any of them and say hi. For the full list go to the gigs page.



sicily and germany with myles sanko, august 2016

I’m home after a week gigging with Myles Sanko in Sicily, Jena, Kassel and Jazz and Joy Festival in Worms (how many great festivals does Germany have!?). It was great to be out on the road with the band after a month break, and awesome to hang and play with the guys again.

If you haven’t heard Myles’ music, you can check it out at http://www.mylessanko.com – the third record (and the first I’ve played on) is out this October, and it’s great.

Here’s some photos from the road, plus a few from the news in Germany: