‘MapP Bass’ – My trusty Fender Precision Bass, and my regular bass. With EMG Geezer Butler pickups (the best vintage sounding pickups) and strung with Thomastik-Infeld Flatwounds.

Hohner B2AV – The bass I’ve owned longest, and just about the easiest bass in the world to play (so long as it’s not slap). Replaced the pickups with EMG pickups and strung with Status custom strings E-C. Used on my solo bass stuff.

Sire V7 5 String – The bass I take when I need versatility. Crazy good preamp for such a cheap bass.

Unknown Chinese Double Bass – Cheap but nicely setup with Thomastik Spirocore strings and a Realist pickup. Also the bass I used on ‘Just Being Me’.

Amps and Cabs

Tour Spec Rider

Aguilar DB751 + DB810 or 410 – Probably the best sounding modern amp.

Ampeg SVT VR + AV810 – My favourite modern ampeg amp. I love the 810 sealed cabs.

My Own Gear

REDDI Bass DI – Technically not an amp, but such an important part of my sound.

Ampeg PF-20T – Extremely warm all-tube amp, and can be used as a DI. I often use this as a preamp to my EA Micro.

Euphonic Audio Micro 550 – Tiny and only 2kg! Takes time to learn to get a great sound out of, but once you’re there it works great.

Hartke AK410 – If you like punchy sealed cabs, these are an absolute steal, and the closest sounding 4×10 I’ve found to the Ampeg 8×10. Just make sure to turn the tweeter off!

Euphonic Audio Wizzy 10 – Sound is surprisingly close to an old B15 cab, but in a tiny and light package.


Boss OC-2


EHX Nano Bassballs

Tech21 SansAmp VT Bass DI

Keith McMillen SoftStep + Mainstage + Mac